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Galont Petroleum successfully held the first gas station knowledge training, promoting the collaborative development of various industry chains of the company
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In order to accelerate the initial understanding and in-depth understanding of the various industrial chains of the company's gas station operation by various departments, and improve organizational collaboration and cooperation, Galo

nt Petroleum successfully held the first gas station knowledge training from June 28th to 29th. This training covers topics such as "Galont New Employee Induction Training", "Gas Station Unloading Process", and "Basic Knowledge of Non Oil Products", providing comprehensive and systematic training and learning opportunities for company employees in the gas station.


Training highlights


The meeting officially kicked off with the opening speech by Du Hao, General Manager of Galont Group. Mr. Hao emphasized the importance of this training and expressed his confidence and expectations for the company's development. He pointed out that gas station operation, as the core sector of the company's business, is crucial for the stable development of the company. Through this training, we hope to strengthen cooperation and coordination among various departments of the company, improve operational efficiency, and further promote the development and growth of the company.

Training and communication interaction

Subsequently, Yang Lei, the Director of Gas Station Operations, went on stage for a training session, providing a detailed introduction to the basic knowledge of oil products, safety operations, job responsibilities at the gas station, unloading procedures at the gas station, and non oil products that employees need to understand. Mr. Yang explained the relevant knowledge of these service stations to the attendees in both theoretical and practical terms. He emphasized the importance of safe operation and shared some practical cases so that employees can better understand and apply the learned content.


During the training period, the participating employees actively participated in interactions, raised questions, and had in-depth exchanges and discussions with Mr. Yang. This open and interactive atmosphere promotes the dissemination and communication of knowledge, enabling employees to have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the details of various industry chains in gas station operations.

Future development


After the training, the attending employees expressed great benefits. They believe that this training has given them a clearer understanding of the business and operational models of gas stations. At the same time, training also promotes communication and collaboration between different departments, enhances team cooperation awareness, and lays the foundation for better promoting the company's business development in the future.

Through this gas station knowledge training, Galont Petroleum has taken a solid step in strengthening internal collaboration and improving the professional level of employees. The company will take this opportunity to further improve the various industrial chains of gas station operation, continuously improve service quality and customer satisfaction, in order to achieve the company's long-term development strategy goals. I believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, the future of the company will be brighter and more successful!

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