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the Human resources Management Department organizes and carries out systematic and practice training
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    On the afternoon of March 29, the human resources Management Department of Galont Oil Group organized a training meeting on the V1.0 system of the Galont Human Resources Guidance Manual. Various departments, subsidiaries, gas stations and other units of the group headquarters participated in the training, and Yu Mei and Jiang Wenbin from the Human resources Management Department served as the training instructor.



     The training is roughly from the organization of division of labor, work norms, entry and exit management, performance and attendance, salary and welfare, staff personnel relationship management, staff training management and other aspects. The two lecturers led everyone to make an in-depth interpretation of the "Galont Group Human Resources Guidance Manual" V1.0, clarified the implementation details and precautions of the relevant management system, and conducted on-site answers to questions and doubts concerning the concerns of employees, and the trainees shared and communicated with each other in combination with problems encountered in daily work.




    Yu Mei helps employees to sort out company regulations, department tasks and job responsibilities in detail, so as to promote everyone to better adapt to job requirements and organizational development needs.Jiang Wenbin explained recruitment, salary and welfare, entry and departure procedures in detail, so that the company's personnel related work flow is clear and the operation is scientific.

    As an important part of the company system, the personnel system is the foundation of organization and management, the basic guarantee for the good operation of the enterprise and the efficient performance of the employees, the important mechanism to motivate the employees to act and improve the competitiveness of the enterprise, and plays a key role in the reform and development of the enterprise. The revision and improvement of human resource related systems and regulations is conducive to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the company and employees to the greatest extent in accordance with the law and regulations, and promoting the sustainable and sound development of the company.

   At the same time, I hope that my colleagues can master and accurately use it in actual work to ensure that every employee can become an active promoter, practitioner and beneficiary of the company's system construction, and constantly promote the company's management and operation to be institutionalized, standardized and scientific.

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