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  • 2023/06/13
    Attention to car owners! The oil price will be adjusted from 24:00 tonight or it may run aground

    Yesterday, the reference crude oil change rate for the 9th working day in China...

  • 2023/05/30
    Oil prices are rising tonight, come on ahead!!

    Tonight at 24:00 (May 30th, 24:00), the oil price is expected to rise. In the p...

  • 2023/05/16
    On May 16th, will oil prices undergo a major adjustment, or will they return to the era of 7 yuan?

    National gas stations will adjust oil prices tonight (May 16th, 24:00). Current...

  • 2023/05/12
    The gas station refuels thousands of times, safety regulations Article 1

    Galont Petroleum Group Gas Station Retail Business
    It is currently in fu...

  • 2023/04/28
    Don't rush to refuel for May Day travel, oil prices will change today!

    At 24:00 this morning (April 28th), domestic refined oil products will enter th...

  • 2023/04/22
    The "pot" of burning engine oil has a bit of "injustice" in lubricating oil

    With the increase in car ownership, people are paying more and more attention t...

  • 2023/03/17
    "Thunderstorm" of Silicon Valley banks has spread to the oil market. Tonight, the oil price will be lowered, and we will refuel later!

    The oil price has fallen! Oil prices are down tonight! Go and refuel on the wee...

  • 2023/03/03
    The latest news of the oil price adjustment on March 3: Is the 92 and 95 gasoline up or down?

    Today is March 3, 2023. The domestic refined oil price will be adjusted tonight...

  • 2023/02/17
    Latest news of oil price adjustment: below the red line, oil price is stranded

    Today is the 10th working day of the new round of oil price adjustment. At pres...

  • 2023/02/10
    Galont Oil Dialogue ChatGPT: How will AI affect the oil industry?

    Recently, an artificial intelligence system has become a hot topic among many n...

  • 2023/01/31
    Group of Seven: Agree to "price limit" Russia warning: cut off supply from February 1

    The new round of sanctions imposed by western countries on Russian energy will ...

  • 2022/11/17
    Why does the brand lubricant still deposit?

    If the lubricating oil is well placed, it will precipitate. Some people say tha...

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