Talent Recruitment

Incentive And Welfare

  • Meal supplement

  • Five insurances and one fund

  • Legal holidays

  • Paid annual leave

  • Holiday gifts

  • Growth And Development

  • Headquarters - young cadres

    We will boldly employ young cadres who want to do things, have ideas, are willing to struggle, and agree with the core values of Galont Oil, and train the successors of Galont Oil's future career.

  • Subsidiaries - professional managers

    The company takes the development of personal potential and the deep integration of the company's vigorous development as its talent cultivation purpose, and carries out a series of excellent professional manager training programs with the theme of empowerment and transcendence with the support of space and platform. The sea is wide and the sky is high and the birds are flying. Your career is Bole, and I look forward to your commanding power.

  • join Us
    For a long time, Galont has been taking "gathering the world's talents and recruiting the talents" as the sail, and "gathering and training professional people to do professional work" as the sail, providing continuous nourishment for the two-way virtuous circle of talent development and work environment. Looking forward to your joining!
    Resume delivery mailbox in Beijing: galont_HR@163.com
    Wuhan Resume Email: galont_hubei_HR@163.com
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